Looking after your nails

Nail extensions are artificial, and it is up to the nail professional to make sure that products are applied correctly, safely and hygienically. It is also up to the client to look after their nails to ensure the nails last for as long as possible.

With regards to acrylic/gel enhancements to maximise the longevity of your nails an infill /re-balance is designed to prevent problems occurring. If you do not keep up with infill’s/re-balance then the natural nail can deteriorate over time. This will lead to you being dissatisfied because you will find your nails constantly breaking.

If you find you just want to your nail enhancements removed then you should have them removed by a nail professional to ensure that your natural nail will not be damaged.

Here is a list of Home care advice:-

  • Use the recommended cuticle oil two to three times a day. This is to prevent you natural nail becoming brittle and it promotes nail growth.
  • Beware when opening car doors and drinks cans etc.
  • Do not pick or tear the nail extension off.
  • Only use recommended products, for example non-acetone polish remover.
  • Have the nail extensions removed by a professional
  • Do not use nails as tools, and do not use them to pick
  • Leave only 2-3 weeks between appointments
  • Always use a base coat under coloured polish
  • Always use a top coat to keep polish neat and chip free
  • Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves if using bleach or detergents.
  • Use hand lotion daily to keep hands looking and feeling good.

Contact me if a problem occurs.

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