Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic nails, give you a hard wearing, long lasting extension to your nails.

I do many different designs of acrylics, tdere is french, natural, glitter, glitter tips, encapsulations, nail art and coloured acrylics. File, shape, preparation and application onto natural nail.
Acrylic Extensions
File, application of tip, blend, preparation and application of acrylic. Includes a french finish. Finished with top coat. £25.00
Acrylic Nail art
File, application of tip, blend, and preparation of acrylic and nail art. Finish with top coat. £30.00
Acrylic Infill's/ Re-balance
To get tde most out of your nails infilling/re-balance should be done in 2-3 weeks after first application of acrylics. £20.00
2-3 week infill/re-balance including change of design £25.00
Repairs per Nail £2.50
Removal £10.00

Removal of acrylic nails needs to be done by a professional so no long lasting damage is caused to the natural nails. Removal, re-shape natural nails, cuticle care and moisturise hands, finish with cuticle oil.

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